Style Guide

Now that you have scheduled your session it is time to style your session. We have created this guide to walk you thru some things you want to keep in mind about your session. Your session is about you so we want it to reflect your style and personality. Our goal is to create the best images during your session and that does take a little pre-planning. We need to decide where we will do your session, how many outfits and what kind of outfits, and even deciding on makeup.

We are hoping this guide will answer most of your questions so that you will feel prepared for your day. If, after reading through this you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and let us know.

Tony & Tammie

Choosing the right date and time

Date: We typically only do sessions on the weekends but we do occasionally take a session during the week. This means that there are times of the year it can take several weeks before we have an open date, so planning in advance is always the best.

Time: The best time for outdoor sessions is at golden hour, the hour before sunset. But there is also a golden hour after sunrise, so if you are an early bird we can look at an early morning session as well. Even though these are the prime times, it doesn't mean they are the only times we can do weekend sessions.

It is also important to pay attention to the time of year we are scheduling your session. Winter months are a lot shorter in terms of daylight hours.

Tip for families with small children

If you have smaller children you want to consider a time of day they will be the most cooperative and playful. Scheduling around their nap time might be very stressful for you and for them.

Choosing a Location

When choosing a location you need to decide what kind of a look you are going for. Do you want more of a nature setting, urban setting, are you a city person, do you like architecture? Your location is completely up to you but if you are unsure we can help you decide once we know what kind of look you are trying to achieve.

Tips for families with small children

When choosing a location when small children are involved, it is very important that you consider locations your children will feel comfortable with. Outdoor settings are great to allow children to play a little during the session (these make for great lifestyle shots so we want them to play a little).

If they are are most comfortable at home, you may want to consider a home session. If you choose a home session don't stress over making the entire house spotless, just make sure one or two areas are picked up and ready for pictures. Or maybe you even have a beautiful spot in your yard.

Ultimately the decision on location is up to you and we are help with ideas if you are just not sure where to go.

What is your story?

It is important to us that we tell your story thru your pictures. So how do we do that? There are a couple things that come into play: location, props, activities and really just thinking outside the box (what makes your story different from everyone else's story?).

Location can be a place that have a special meaning. Props can include things like books, umbrellas, fairy lights...the list is endless. When you think about activities, think sports, music, there something we can incorporate from your activities into your session?

Overall, we want you to think outside the box and have fun! We are pretty much game for anything produces natural smiles which gives us the best pictures!

Style Tips

Choosing what to wear is just as important as everything else we have just mentioned. In the world of photography there is never such a thing as "too dressed up", so let's bring out the best so you can look your best!