Session Info

At Dixon Creative Images we mostly work with outdoor photography and on location at venues through out the Memphis Metro and North Mississippi area. Although, we are always up to travel as well!

We are creative, especially Tony, and we love to collaborate with our clients because our mission is to tell Your story, Your way. We want you to Be Creative, Be Bold, Be YOU!


Already have an idea of where you would like to shoot? Great, we're game! We love exploring new places and venues we haven't been to before, just make sure you have permission for us to shoot there before our session.

Have no clue where to go? No problem! We have shot all over the mid south, including downtown Memphis and the Memphis Botanical Gardens...which is absolutely gorgeous when everything is in bloom and even in the fall when the colors start to turn.

Landscape photography


Props and outfits can be very important to telling your story! From uniforms to athletic gear, from formal wear or just props that show your personality, they are important for your session.

Keep in mind that whatever it is you want to wear or use as a prop, that it is flattering. Not sure? Send us pictures or bring them to your consultation and we can discuss what will work and what may not.

Fun Photographers in North Mississippi


Our goal is to complete your session within a 2 hour timeframe, however, at the end of the day, we want to be able to deliver a quality portfolio for you to chose your images from. So please don't be stressed over the time, we will keep shooting until we feel we have a variety of images for you to choose from.


Tony is brilliant behind the camera but his real skillset lies in Photoshop! Will all of your photos have a dramatic edit on them? No, but Tony does process each client's gallery slightly differently depending on the client's personality, style and the setting we are looking for to give each client their own unique look. But the ones we really want to pop and make a statement will get a little more love! Maybe it is August and you are ready to take "fall" pictures but the leaves haven't worries, we can turn them in photoshop. Overcast or clouds? No problem, he can create a beautiful sky for every image!

(please note that extensive editing will result in an editing fee per image, extensive editing includes, but not limited to, removing or adding people to images)

Photographers that can edit


We know you put a lot of thought into how you spend your hard earned income and we want you to feel at ease with why we have priced our packages the way we have. Please know that our pricing is in line with our local market. We hope you will value the experience you will receive by booking with us as well as the the quality of the work you get in the final product.

What does the session/package fee cover? Unless otherwise indicated in the details of the package, your fee covers our creative time from session to editing. Prints are not included in your session fee, but can be purchased while viewing your gallery.

(please note that our pricing is subject to change at any time.)