Sports Photography

Individual, Teams & Banners

We offer several options to our Sports Teams:

Traditional Team and Individual Photography: Teams & individuals are photographed against natural backgrounds at the chosen location and all teams are arranged and photographed as a group.

Composite Team & Individual Photography: This is where all the individual team members are photographed twice, one pose is used for the team photo and one pose is used for their individual photo. All the images are extracted from their original background and placed on a more dynamic and fully customizable digital background. Rather than a group team shot, a composite is made to combine everyone into the final team image. In some instances, we may even utilize green screen to create the images we want.

Hybrid of the two options: In some cases, we can combine certain aspects of both of these options.

There are some major differences between the two options. Besides the obvious differences in style and presentation, using the composite system eliminates the necessity to photograph outdoors in natural surroundings, so it can remove the weather as a factor. However, because of the additional effort involved in creating the extractions, artwork & processing orders, it winds up being slightly more expensive to the parents, there is also a few additional days necessary to process orders.


Please call and we can discuss the differences and decide which option is best for your team.



We take great pride in offering the highest quality photography & photo products at very honest prices. Athletes are always photographed by Tony himself. Every athlete is photographed multiple times to ensure that we have a good image to use for filling the order.


We understand the desire to make photo day flow quickly and efficiently for both the team and the parents. We work very diligently to get through all the players in a timely manner without having to sacrifice quality.


We do most of our sessions on the weekends. However, if your team is needing something done during the week, please contact us so that we can work out a day that works for both the team and us.


All ordering is done online through a gallery link provided to the coach. You will have the option of purchasing a digital image or choosing from a list of products. All items are offered ala cart so the parents can choose exactly what they want. (There is a minimum $15 order requirement).


We offer a wide selection of high-quality products from traditional prints to gifts like key chains and photo magnets. We also offer banners for our teams to purchase as well.


We hand selected our photo processing lab because of the combination of speed and very high quality. In most cases, we have photo orders back to coaches within 2 weeks of the order deadline. It is not unusual for the customer to have their prints within 5 working days of their order.


We put total and complete emphasis on pleasing our customers, period. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied they will receive a new order, total refund or we will schedule a retake if necessary.